Email from Ryan 6/09/14

Hey guys!  This week has been pretty awesome.  Elder Toledo and I have been working pretty hard.  We are seeing some really good progression in our investigators.  So something awesome that happened this week, I’m gonna share 2 stories.  The first is that we found a guy named Juan on Wednesday.  Then Saturday, we went to teach him again but this time we taught his girlfriend too, and she is awesome.  She told us that his problems can only be solved by God and she told us that it isn’t a coincidence that we found him.  They both are doing awesome.  She opened her heart up to us, and told us everything that was worrying her and everything that she wants to do better, like we only asked 1 question and boom, she told us everything that a missionary needs to help someone out.  They are a family of 5, and hopefully in about a month or two, 4 will be baptized, but they need to get married first so we are working on that.

Ok, now the second story.  So since I got here, Elder Toledo and I have put our heads together and decided to start working with some less active members that we both like.  So we just started to stop by their house for a few minutes every other day or so, and just kept inviting them to church and yesterday, their whole family came to church, after years of not going.  We asked them why, and they told us that they felt like they were abandoned until we decided to stop by.  I’m not gonna lie, it is one of the best feelings in the world to see people you love so much changing their lives.  Ok well, I’m gonna leave this email at that.

I love you guys!  NOS VEMOS!!!

Hey mom, so I don’t have too much time, I ran out of time switching files around and reading a billion emails.  hahah.  But 1 thing, James in Spanish is Santiago,  not ya-mes.  (So Maddie is not saying James in Spanish) hahaha.   And another thing, I promise I will email you something longer next week, I love you mom!!!!

This is my email to president this week:   “Hey President! This week has been awesome! I can’t even begin to tell you how many miracles we have seen this week, it was just like it wouldn’t stop. haha.  I think about 10 times this week, we have found ourselves in the right place at the right time to find people that were just waiting to hear the gospel!  I feel like my animo this week has just been awesome.  It all started to change after the last interview we had right when we had flashes. I just decided that every morning I’m going to get up and know what I have to do, and do it in the way I know it should be done.  Work with every bit of energy I have to do my best and use my faith to make up for the rest.  I want to thank you so much for always giving me advice in how I can get better, how I can do better.


Email from Ryan 6/02/14

Hey, hey, hey!!  haha, how are you guys?!?!  This week has been pretty crazy with lots of changes.  To start off, they took me out of my area, and put me back in Gonzalez Catan!!  So that was pretty weird.  We were doing all of our calls Friday night and then they told us that I was leaving, just like that.  So I spent all that night packing, and the weird thing is, we are in a weird transfer, like it’s only 4 weeks long, and transfers just happened last Wednesday! and they will happen again in 2 weeks!  Oh well, so I am now in Rafael Castillo Central.  It’s pretty funny, when I was in Catan before I went on exchanges in this area, so I already know some of the members before I even got here.  My new companion is Elder Toledo, he has been out for a long time, and he only has 5 months left.  The members in this ward are awesome, there is actually one guy in our ward that is into computers and games and that kind of stuff, it’s way cool!  His house is awesome, it’s full of computers and games and all that good stuff.  So other than that nothing too crazy has been happening.  How is life in the United States going?


Ryan:  Hi Mom!!!!  How are you?


Karen:  I’m good, how are you doing?


Ryan:  Good!  Hey some crazy stuff happened last week, and now I’m back in Catan!!  Crazy huh?  I’m actually back in my same district.  Now I’m in the area, Rafael Castillo Central.  It’s like right next to my last area. haha, I didn’t move too far.


Karen:  Are you happy about the move?  I was happy you were in a more safe area of the mission!  Are you still a District Leader?


Ryan:  I have no idea why they did the changes.  I’m bittersweet about the change, I really loved my last district and my last area and all the members.  I’m still about in as nice of an area as Los Pinos, so it’s not really part of Catan, they just call it that since it’s in the zone.  No, I’m not district leader anymore, but I’m alright with that.


Karen:   Where is Elder Coronado?  When did you switch?  Who is your new companion and how long has he been out?


Ryan:  Elder Coronado is in Los Pinos still, we switched Saturday morning.  My new comp is Elder Toledo, he has only 5 months left in the mission.


Karen:  That is so crazy!!  I wonder why they switched at such a weird time?  Where did Elder Toledo’s companion go?


Ryan:  Home I think, he had served in 4 different missions and already passed his 2 year mark and because of problems with his visa he couldn’t leave until now.  haha, crazy huh.  I guess his family was at the airport and everything and he never got there that day.


Karen:  That is weird!     And, go buy some food!  Haha    How did he serve in 4 different missions?  Wow?    They must pick you to move around because you just get along with everyone and are happy to do whatever they want you to do.


Ryan:  Yep, I’m always happy with everyone, I don’t know, I just don’t like to have problems so I’ll do whatever needs to be done.  Ok mom, I got to go, I love yo

Email from Ryan 5/26/14

Hey guys!  This week has been pretty awesome! We had lots of our investigators in church this week!  We worked a ton this week, I’ve barely been finding time to do anything, including today!  Ok, well this email is going to be quite a bit shorter than normal because I don’t have too much time today.

So, this week we saw some awesome things happening with some people we are teaching.  One was quite awesome.  There is a lady that we are teaching who has a son that is 16, he is a member but the she still isn’t because she is living with her boyfriend.  But, for the first time since I’ve been here, she came to church, and everyone went and said hi, and asked how she was, where she was, all that.  She ended up crying during Sacrament meeting.  She told us that she is going to push her boyfriend to get married, apparently he just doesn’t have the papers right now.  So we will see.  She is just super excited about coming to church, and she really wants to get baptized, she is basically a member, just not baptized.  Ok, well I’m going to get going, sorry about the super short letter but we have lots of work to do.  Love you all!!

Ryan:  hey are you online?

Karen:  How are you?  I’m excited to email back and forth today and next week!

Ryan:  Good because I’ve got some good time this week, we didn’t use all our emailing time last week!!  How are you mommy?

Karen:  Good, did you see all the pictures I sent?  They are fun.  How are you?

Ryan:  I’m good, just a little cold.  How was Geena’s graduation?!?!  Yes I did, they are awesome!!!

Karen:  Are you writing Pres. Carter?  There was a picture of him on the website walking around a courtyard area while reading and Sister Carter said it takes him 9 hours to read all the missionaries emails each week so sometimes he walks while he does it!  9 hours!  Just for that part of being a mission pres.

Ryan:  Yeah, I write him every week, if not, the assistants call and ask me why I didn’t write him. Haha

Karen:    Can you send me your letter to him?  I would love to see what you write to him.  Have they called you before to ask?  Did you forget before or you just know people who have so you know what happens.

Ryan:  Once I thought I sent one, but it didn’t go through because the internet was slow and they called me….but yeah I’ll send you what I write him .

Karen:  That probably does happen because of bad internet service.  I’m glad they call to check on you!  Did your district or zone change much with the last transfer?   Have you asked people about fixing your suits yet?  Maybe where you do the laundry knows someone.

Ryan:  Yeah, all the sisters in my district got taken out except one.   I’ll ask about finding someone for my suits.

Karen:  How are you doing with being a district leader now that you’ve done it for a while?

Ryan:   I’m not a big fan of it but hey, it’s fun getting to know everyone’s investigators, but the rest I don’t like too much.  But I’ve gotten used to it.

Karen:  Why don’t you like it, more paperwork?  More missionary problems?

Ryan: This is what I just wrote president. “Hey President! This week went pretty well, we were pretty happy.  This week we really saw miracles happen, we were trying so hard to get our investigators to church this week.  And to do so, we started talking with a ton of members during the whole week about people they could invite to church this week.  And it really paid off, the members brought lots of people to church.  I’m pretty excited about this transfer, we are going to work super hard.  Elder Coronado and I have been working really well together, I feel like I’m learning a ton from him, he is a very effective teacher.  I loved the message in the sol this week, it’s so true, we all need to be ready to be leaders.  I totally understand the part of, some people are called as leaders to progress.  And that really is the way all callings are in the church, to help us progress.  We are looking forward to an awesome month in June!”

Karen:  I think you should always send me your letters to him!

Ryan:  Ok, got to go, love you mom!!!!

Email from Ryan 5/19/14

Hey guys!!

This week has been pretty chill, we didn’t do too much.  The most important is that we have an investigator who is almost ready to get baptized! He has quit smoking and drinking.  And now all he needs to do is get interviewed which we tried to do yesterday but he didn’t show up!!  So we still don’t know what happened, the bad part is that he doesn’t have a phone we can call!

It’s started to get colder here.  I’m liking it more or less.  I just don’t like that my hands are always freezing.  haha, but other than that, it’s all good.

So we have got transfers again this week.  I can’t believe that time just keeps going faster and faster.   I’m really hoping nothing changes in this area, I love being here with Elder Coronado.  We get along really well, and we teach even better.  hahahaha.  I’ve really started to just love these members here, they are just so nice.

So something a little weird is going to happen this next transfer, it will only be 4 weeks instead of 6.  Then the new mission president arrives and we have a transfer of 8 weeks with the 2 presidents together! That is going to be quite awesome.

Ok, that’s about all that’s going on this week.

Email from Ryan 5-12-14

Hey guys!!!!

This week was pretty awesome! and a little crazy.  So we didn’t really have much time this week at all, but we did really well, like half the time of a normal week and we did better than normal, so this week, with all the time in the world, I’m pretty excited.  Something cool that we did this week, is teach a bunch of skater kids.  haha. Elder Coronado, my companion, is a professional skater in Chile!!  He has won a ton of competitions.  We were walking the other day and he tells me, hey Elder Kelley, let’s go teach these kids.  There were about 8 or 9 kids skating in the street doing some tricks.  So my companion says, “Hey, anyone want to play a game of SKATE?”  And everyone started to laugh, and said, “This Mormon is crazy,” and one kid says, “Yeah I’ll play you.”  So he started doing tricks and lots of stuff.  He ended up winning and all these kids were like, WOW!!  Haha, we ended up teaching them a lesson afterwards.  After that, my companion tells me that he met other skaters and baptized like 5 of them doing that in a different area.  These kids are really cool.

So now a little bit of the crazy, that same day, we were going to talk to a member about their neighbor, and start teaching him, but she told us that she didn’t know if he was home because there was a shooting in a supermarket by her house.  I guess a few people tried to rob the store and someone from the police was there and ended up shooting the person robbing the store.  And when we found all these skaters, one of them said, did you see what happened in the super market today? and we told him, yeah we heard about it.  And he said, “That kid that they shot is my cousin.”  Wow, poor kid, it’s just so sad, there are so many kids doing so many bad things here.  Then Saturday we got to go to a baptism that Elder Coronado had in Moreno, so we got to travel a little bit, its almost 2 hours from where we are.  We took a bus to Ramos, then a train to Moreno, then another bus to finally get to the church in Moreno.  All the people there were converts of Elder Coronado, almost literally, the bishop and one of the young women that was there were members before, but the other 10 to 15 members were people that he had taught there! it’s crazy, and they are all just awesome! Then Sunday we got to talk on skype!!  So that was pretty awesome.

Ok, so that was pretty much my week.  I’ll talk to you all next week!!

To Grant:

No, we have not bought food yet today, we just paid the rent, electricity and water then went to email you all.  That’s where we are right now, but after we are going to buy food.  We are also going to go to the offices, Elder Coronado needs to go to the bank, and I think I’m going to try to withdraw a little bit of money from the bank.  From which place do I do it? Checking or savings?   How much can I take out?  I’d rather have the cash hidden in the apartment just in case the banks don’t have money again.  It seems to happen all the time.

Email from Ryan 5-5-14

Hey guys!!

This week has been pretty interesting.  So early this week went pretty normal, Elder Flores and I have been working really hard.  Tuesday, we got home, planned, then I had to make all the calls to my district, like normal.  Then after, like normal, I talked with the ZL´s about how the district is doing and then they told me, and now transfer calls.  And I was just like, what?! Then he said, Elder Kelley, is going to continue working in Los Pinos, and Elder Flores, is leaving with all his bags.  I was just like what?!?!?!?!  So, Wednesday we left for Ramos Mejía in the morning.  I guess a few new Elders arrived in the mission, so they had to split them up.  So, now I’m with Elder Coronado, he is just about to die in the mission.  He has been out 22 months now.  He only has 2 transfers left.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stay here in this area, I really like it.  I’m hoping that Elder Coronado and I will get to stay here till he goes and then for me, one more transfer, and then I’ll go, I’m ok with that.  We will see how it goes.

Hahahahahahaha, so something that I didn’t know about this area is that we have a monkey that lives here.  We were walking to an appointment the other day, and this monkey was on a leash, and it was screaming at us.  Hahaha, I told Elder Coronado, that he should shake its hand.  It doesn’t have claws, but it’s got some crazy looking teeth.  The other day we were walking home, and it was on the top of a car sun bathing.  hahahaha. I have never seen a monkey like that before. hahaha. So now, anytime, we can we walk on that road to see el mono. hahahah. They named it Moni.   Moni el mono.  hahaha. Ok, I will write you guys next week, I love you!

Hey mom,

I’ve got some extra time so i wanted to write you today!!   So, I think I already answered one of your questions in my email to everyone. I still have no idea when I will be calling Sunday, I’m hoping to do it right after church because afterwards I have to go to San Justo to interview someone.  So, I don’t know still, but I’ll try and do it around 1 or 2 my time.  That will probably be the only time that I can do it, or super late at night.  I still need to find someone that I can use their computer, but I’ve got a few people in mind.

So you want to know if I’ve gotten over my eating things, I can’t remember what they are called, yes I eat just about anything now.  The other day, a lady gave us sandwiches that had tomatoes and lots of other stuff, I’m not a fan of it, but I ate it.  Things like peppers and onions I have gotten over.  We had Mexican tacos the other day, and the lady asked if I wanted peppers, and I said, yes!!, because there isn’t spicy food here, so the Mexicans are the only ones that can give me spicy food.  They were super hot peppers! haha, but it was really good, I just needed to drink something after.  I’m still not a big fan of fruit.  That, I’m not going to get over.  But veggies don’t bother me anymore.  Hey, I had shepherds pie for the first time a few weeks ago and it was super good, you need to find out how to cook it, if you don’t already know.

(We sent pictures of Hailey and told Ryan that she still loves him and calls him her favorite Kelley and was worried he was missing all the parties back home and Easter Egg hunting) Hailey cracks me up, she is so funny.

Hey, also it isn’t June 2nd that I’ll be coming home, it’s a little bit longer, in July sometime. I was looking at the transfers, I will go home on a Wednesday, I just can’t remember which one. It’s either the first Wednesday in July or the second I think.  I’ll see and write it down so that you can have the date, for reals.