Email from Ryan 6/16/14 One year mark this week on the 19th!!!!

Hey mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been pretty cool!  I went on exchanges with the zone leaders for a day, then the zone leader wanted to do exchanges with a different elder so they sent me to a different area for the other day.  So, I got to be with one of my best friends in my district!  It was pretty fun!  I bought some doughnuts from an investigator that they have, they were really good.  I saw all the pictures you sent me, I can’t believe how big Hailey is now!!  It’s crazy!!!!!!

Hey and did you buy and Argentina jersey?  I’ve been looking for some here but right now they are all like 100 bucks, like dollars!  It’s crazy expensive because of the world cup.  I actually haven’t heard anything from Renee, it’s been a long time since I’ve written her, I will do that this week if I have time, but if not, I will this upcoming week.

So, President Carter leaves June 28th, and the new president gets here, like the 27th or something like that.  I’m super sad that he and his family are leaving.  They really are awesome people.  So, yeah, a year has passed by super quick!  I don’t know how, but it has.

That quote from President Smith is awesome, I love it. (“We are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our commission is to represent him.  We are directed to preach his gospel, to perform the ordinances of salvation, to bless mankind, to heal the sick and perhaps perform miracles, to do what he would do if he were personally present –and all this because we hold the holy priesthood.”)  In this mission they call us agents of repentance.  We really do have to be thinking in the way he would be, doing things the way he would do it.  Not in our way, but the Lord’s way.  And, if we are doing that, everything with work itself out.  I hope I’m not getting transferred, but I honestly have no idea now, they just like to throw me around everywhere  and I know exactly why  The very first interview I had with President Carter, he asked me how well I get along with people, and I told him, it doesn’t matter who it is, I get along with everyone, and it’s true so far. hahaha.  And for that, they place me with people that did stupid things and they need to be better in the mission, or people that need help getting better, more obedient, however it is. I’m hoping to stay here, and I’m hoping that my companion stays here too.  My comp only has 4 months left and he wants to ‘die’ here.

Ok mom, I’m going to get going, I love you!!!!!  I’ll try and take lots of pictures this week to send to you!!!!

Hey dad,  happy late Father’s Day, I tried to send you a note yesterday through a member but his internet didn’t work.  How was your day yesterday? That’s fun that you are driving to go see Clint and got to go to Lambert’s, and travel through the Ozark Mountains, there are no mountains here, it’s just flat.   I’m jealous!  I got to go. I love you!!  Have a safe trip!!!!  Root for Argentina, not Brasil!!!!

Hey Kacy!!!  I’m back in my old zone, in my old area no, but pretty close.  I think I’m going to go there next pday.  World cup is super crazy here, and I’m in the ghettos more or less and the people are crazy, I haven’t been to the city in a while, I’m guessing it’s a lot crazier.  We actually have a rule here, we can’t be out on the street when Argentina plays, because there are some people that are crazy and drive around shooting their guns off in all sorts of places.  Hey, I’ll try and look for something Argentine for you and Jonathan, and maybe your doggies. hahahahah.   But I’ve got to wait a little while, everything that has the colors blue and white has quadrupled in price cause of the world cup.  But I like it here because everything is so cheap, I actually bought some beats headphones for 5 bucks.  hahahahaha.

That is awesome that you are going to have your own salon!!  I wish I could help you out, you have no idea how many houses I’ve built here now.  I’m almost sure I could build one alone now.  hahahaha. Have fun in the south when you guys go!!!  Love you Kacy!!!!!   Say hi to Jonathan for me, and tell the dogs that they need to help Juliet lose more weight, because if not, we will need to change her name to fatima. hahahaha. jk, but that’s a name that lots of people have here, weird huh.  But still I’ve never heard one as weird as L-a!!!!!!


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